GloBoArt (Gloria Bova), neapolitan artist and professional who lives and works in Milan since 1990.

Graduated in Psychology and specialized in Systemic and Family Psychotherapy, in 2005 I founded EuKos (Scientific Society for Research and Training). Artistic studies began in the 70s at the Art Institute and spread quickly in various areas including the Diploma in “Canto” at the Conservatory.

The interest in photography started in 1972 and developed until the early 80’s when I used to print my B/N photos in the home laboratory and then painted with watercolors and pastels. Of those works today only 5 copies remain.
Additional Medicine studies followed and began the years where the passion for art and love for science were a parallel path in my life but did not meet.

It took many years of research to reach a conceptual union of these two worlds.

Certainly eclectic, I gathered experience in various artistic fields, from graphic to dance, from theatre to music, traveling along parallel to the first studies in medicine and subsequently in Psychology and Psychotherapy.

But today I can say that the objective has been achieved. Today I can say that art and science are the daughters of one mother. I work mainly with visual art, communication, synesthesia.

In 2010 I began exhibiting my photographic works.

Whith the Research Team EuKos I carry my synaesthesia innovative research on psychotherapy applied to the Verbal-Visual Language and the Method Bova of Genogram, I conducted numerous training courses for doctors and psychologists and participated in several Congresses and Conventions.

The return to art is marked with the personal exhibition “OPEN YOUR MIND – Verborgene Schonheit (Hidden Beauty)” at the White Art Gallery of Merano (BZ).

Today in the professional life, like in the artistic expression, art and science go together because guided by the same concept: the search for truth, authenticity and beauty.

The psychotherapist neutral look goes to art and proposes artworks not as the subjective projections of inner world (emotional or cognitive) of the artist, but as an objective representation of the profound truth of reality that surrounds us.

Artistic creation as a channel on loan to the reality show.
For this reason I call myself a photoreporter of the hidden beauty.
The eclecticism can be felt also in the variety of my photographic production, with which I try to highlight that beauty and vitality are present in everything, showing that too often it remains hidden from our eyes.

As in every person, in every patient, there is a hidden beauty that oneself does not see, so it is in any situation or object. Even in a dirty towel ready to be thrown away.

The psychotherapy eye-zoom can see the person beyond the barrier of the symptoms and suffering, can see its healthy parts, its potential, its authenticity.

With photography I want to prove that beauty is everywhere in our life, into everything. It ‘s a positive and hope message.

I photograph everyday objects, things apparently ugly and useless, leaving them to speak of their hidden beauty. So I discovered that my eyes see what others cannot see. I discovered that the objects speck, show themselves, open to me their privacy showing their hidden pearls.

I just try to capture those pearls to show them to others. Where everyone sees the gray of banality I see colours, and when I go inside with the lens, I find them!

The click imprisons them in the time and makes it a historical document and unquestionable document.
An image of fine art!

It ‘s always astonishing the amazement of others when they konw what is that image into the reality.
I discovered that many visitors interpret projectively the images, and this is even more interesting!
And to prove that to see the beauty of life you don’t need the eyes of the mind but the eyes of the heart, I chose to use a small compact camera, the Canon IXUS 107, always ready in my bag!
I do not make use of any set, I do not use flash, the light cannot be that what is there, and after I do not edit images with Photoshop, even if they are digital images.
To date I have a portfolio of over 2000 images, less than 100 have been grouped in series and published on my website.

The first series is called “FotoDipinti”. Here the idea of my photographic research aimed to “paint” with the camera, to search the more trivial reality of things, the colors and the forms that more resemble the brushstrokes or spray of airbrush. I was looking for the beauty and the painting well represented it.

The “FotoDipinti” are not digital artifacts, they are not effects achieved by the computer, the colors are real, I did not use filters or anything else: it is only through the game of blurring and enlargement that the object loses its objectual identity and shows its hidden beauty, creating an unexpected composition of forms and colors. Like the spring!

Then there are the series of “FotoQuadri”: Over the table, Under the table, In the middle. For all, the scenario is a bar between home and office during the lunch break. They are clicks that tell of the incredible hidden beauty on the tables, under the tables or in that thin line between above and below. Of these three series, only the first one is published on the site.

The images of “FotoQuadri” differ from the subjects of the series “FotoDipinti” for more defined edges and lines. They are composition plays of net shapes and colors to create the artwork plot. Also in these images the subject portrayed loses its objectual identity, but retains some formal features that enable its recognition. It all happens in the frenzy of lunch breaks, above the usual bar tables in the city of Milan.

The series “Autumn” is a still-life drawing play of forms and colors, leaves on the magnificent now silent Bosendorfer. Still without any special care for the lights or anything. In these images I enhanced the colours with Photoshop and nothing more.

Then there are the live music series: Patti Smith in concert, Moving lights, Moving colors. Pictures completely natural how incredible.

I remember that to the Patty Smith’s concert I had next professional photographers with thousands euro camera while I was there with my little compact. But what I was seeing then in my display was truly amazing. It was great fun.

The chess series is the exaltation of beauty. Nothing more to add.

Of 2000, there are many images of buildings, skies, clouds, and many other things.

Currently I’m trying to make up the camera technical limitations with processing like of OnOne Software Resize Perfect to obtain larger format prints with better resolution.

My dream is to exhibit where my art and my science can be shown simultaneously in a single scenario, so that the therapeutic model message is communicated and disseminated through the language of art, that then is the language of Life in its entirety.

The project includes an exhibition space with FotoQuadri FotoDipinti also in large format on the walls, while on large canvases, ranging from ceiling to floor, are reproduced the real pages of clinical folder that show the drawings of PGT (Therapeutic Protocols Graph) at the base of my therapeutic model, the Model of the Split and Integration, from which everything began. Videos and information panels along the path complete the communication.